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Focus on photography and digital art.

“Making the invisible visible”. An artistic career as a long path that has not developed in a conventional way and cannot be described in a few sentences. Claus’ wealth of possibilities to see, create or observe things or situations is gigantic.

What is shown here, can only be a glimpse into the different areas of work. Claus Siebeneicher’s entire oeuvre revolves around the great theme of “visibility”. He has the gift and shows us the art of making the invisible visible to us.

Despite that, there are so many more results from travel-, portrait-, experimental and landscape photo sessions. A little excerpt can be found on this site. 

 Not shown is the other professional analysis and design work. Although, very creative and often demanding, it was mostly done in silence and not for a public audience.

From surreal reality to real surreality.

How does beauty come about, how does beauty come about in nature? What role does the object, the location, what role do the colours play?

Developed from an photographic experiment, a special technique combined with a reduction and concentration of perception on natural colours and gradients.

The beauty of nature, the play of colours, detached from the object.

Real works in real world (virtually)

Show objects, pictures everywhere, any time. Combine it with the existing environment to contrast and amplify the message. A dream! Ok, it’s not the Holodeck from Starship Enterprise but we are getting closer. Virtually look at works, look around, share the view with others – anywhere. 

Real works in real world (virtually)

Virtual Worlds

2020 – 2021 the world changed dramatically and there was an urgent need for other ways to present works. Claus created different virtual worlds, allowing him and everyone who is interested present her and his works in cyberspace. Not a substitute for real exhibitions and occasions to meet and discuss but much better then nothing. For sure an opportunity to show   comprehensive collections on a budget.

Greenhouse Gallery

Interested in your own virtual gallery or virtual exhibition?

More information about virtual galleries

 Virtual art galleries have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for artists to showcase their work and for art enthusiasts to discover and purchase art. These online galleries offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar galleries.

One of the major benefits of virtual art galleries is that they can reach a much larger audience than physical galleries. With the internet, art lovers from all around the world can easily access and browse the art on display, making it possible for artists to sell their work to a global market. This can be especially beneficial for emerging artists who may not have the resources or connections to showcase their work in a physical gallery.

Another benefit of virtual art galleries is that they are often more convenient for both artists and collectors. Artists can easily upload and display their work from the comfort of their own home, without the need for transportation or setup. Collectors can view and purchase art from the convenience of their own device, without the need to physically visit a gallery.

Virtual art galleries also often offer a wider range of options for artists to display and sell their work. In addition to traditional paintings and sculptures, artists can also sell prints, digital art, and other forms of media that may not be as easily displayed in a physical gallery. This allows artists to explore different mediums and reach a wider audience.

In addition to being more convenient and accessible, virtual art galleries can also be more affordable for both artists and collectors. Many virtual galleries offer lower commission rates for artists, as they do not have the overhead costs associated with physical galleries. This can allow artists to keep more of the profits from their sales. For collectors, the convenience of shopping online can often lead to lower prices, as they do not have to pay for transportation or other expenses associated with visiting a physical gallery.

Overall, virtual art galleries offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar galleries. With their increased accessibility, convenience, and affordability, virtual galleries provide a valuable platform for artists to showcase and sell their work, and for collectors to discover and purchase art from around the world.

Hey 🌍, how are you today?

It is said that the eyes are a mirror of the soul.  The unique installation “Farsighted” does not mirror the soul, it mirrors nothing less than the state of our entire world.  It continiously and actively collects data from the internet, be it the stock markets or the news of the major international agencies. Depending on how things develop and what is happening in our world, the colours of the pairs of eyes change continuously, very slowly
and hardly noticeably. From a friendly blue or brown to yellow or reddish. With one glance, the “knowing” person can see what is going on in the world, whether there is good or bad news or what is going on in the stock markets. There are never two of the same constellation. For those who love the extreme, there is also a “ticker” on which Mr. D. Trump’s tweets run through.

Hey 🌍, how are you today?

Outer inner view

Photographing humans is one of the most difficult tasks but also the most rewarding. It always takes time, sometimes only a few moments, sometimes days. You feel the match. You and your camera start to look behind the façade, discover the truer self, the more beautiful, the wonderful. No stopping at the externals, it’s almost like a look inside. The eyes speak just like every little wrinkle. Everything tells a story. And shows us something about the person that would otherwise have remained hidden.

Early Models

By the End of the last century, placing non-existing objects in a non-existing space. Giving them a material, a texture, a colour, a reflection. Placing some also non-existing lamps and capturing those billions of non-existing light-rays – those from the lamp and the others reflected by any object with a non-existing camera to create a real picture.  Fascination.

Early Models


At the end of September 2014, it was not only the first use of the term ‘shoefie’ it was also the world’s first fully automatic Shoefie machine that was presented to the public as part of an installation. After taking a seat on the designer chair and placing your foot on a special tray, all you had to do is press the red button and after a few seconds a printout is ready to take home. Also the image is automatically uploaded to the internet, a few hundred at the end of the exhibition (unfortunately the fotki archive does not exist anymore). A show of vanity, or no show of vanity? Definitely a lot of fun and a ‘magnet’  to the ‘Disclosure’ exhibition in Brussels.

Travel & photography

Travelling and photographing the world, discovering colours, shapes, landscapes, nature and people. From Iceland and Scotland to Portugal, from the far north of Norway to southern Greece, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan. Always in search of the new, the beautiful, or the ordinary.

Travels and photography

Show me some time. 

Please follow me on this thought.
Time flows only in one direction. It passes, there is no ‘roll-back’.
Take a normal photographic print, it depicts some objects, their height and their width. 
Now, look at the world around you through a narrow, vertical slot, but don’t move (yes,you can use your fingers). What do you see? Objects reduced to height, the width ist just negligible and nothing changes as long as nothing moves throught the scene. 
Now imagine, that you print down the ‘rows’ you see every second or so and put the side-by-side to each other. With the time, an image will form. It will show objects over time, as daster they move, as smaller they get. You have just exchanged the horitzonal axis with the ‘time’ and you will notice, that everyting seems to move in the same direction, there is no return in time.  


Light in time

Light in time, light in unison. Today, this is almost a matter of course, everyone knows the little laser pointers. Not so around 1980. Light that is coherent. Woow. What can you show with it, when the waves are swinging togehther. What can be revealed? Light and energy. Limited to a single colour. Holograms.

Light in time


Selection of exhibitions

U N / D i g IT Al iz ED Culture and Sustainable Developement for a More Resilient and Impactful Culture Sector, Online, 2021
Akrata, Greece virtual online exhibition, 2021 online exhibition, 2021 online exhibition, 2020
Russian Centre for Culture and Science, Brussels, 2020
BRUCODA, Online Exhibition, Belgium, 2020
BRUCODA, Brussels, Belgium, 2019
SWARA Concert and Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium, 2018
Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, 2018
BRUCODA, Brussels, Belgium, 2018
BRUCODA, Brussels, Belgium, 2017
Dis-closure, Brussels, Belgium 2014