Day 1, 11. Januar

The first day was completely unspectacular: getting up early to be on time at the ferry in Dunkirk (12 noon). Check-in was easy, but both the people at the ticket booth and the customs have overlooked the large boxes that I had on the Landydach. That made the whole load much higher than 2.20 m. So I was in the wrong line, for cars up to 2.20 m height. But then I was pushed over to the trucks in time. Not far from Dover, shortly after the Battle of Britain Memorial, there is a beautiful hidden bay, accessible only on a private road, but is open for entry and exit. That was my first stop. After a short walk we went on. First rough direction London, combined with a short detour to a specialty shop for fishing tackle. Thank the Internet, I knew that there is a rare spare part for my gasoline stove. The 20-minute detour was worth it. It was difficult to find a nice place for the night. Hedges, fences, gates everywhere. No way to find a hiding place somewhere. Then I’ll just search for a campsite. My map shows two campsite icons on small streets. So, the map nachgefahren. The first: a door in a cul-de-sac, without a campsite. The second was the parking lot and the meadow from a pub. It was getting close to dusk. So I’m pure and in demand. No, the campsite is closed, the meadow is too wet. Would I stand underneath without Grass? No problem! What it costs? Do you want to drink something and maybe even eat? Then it costs nothing. Do you need electricity? I do not need that. I ate and drank and slept well. (auto-translated)