Day 10, January 20, Aviemore

It was a very quiet night. In the evening, I had a bit of the pub Wi-Fi exploited, which just reaches to my place. It was not until 9.30 am I woke up. It has started to snow a little, and a snow plow turns its rounds. I’m sitting in the heated Landy over coffee and updating the log. I drove on to the north, but then again turned on small and very small streets in the direction of Loch Ness with many stops for photos. It’s like in real life: When you look for something, you do not find it. I was still looking for a pub to eat, drink, sleep. Nothing to do. And Inverness was not as pretty as I imagined. So I drove a bit further and found a beautiful place with a 270 ┬░ view of the water on a small landing strip. When I got there, the moon was just very picturesque over an oil rig. Tomorrow morning I will be able to observe a lunar eclipse in the opposite direction. I’m curious.