Day 13, January 23

When I woke up, I was fascinated by the play of the wind with the clouds and the waves. It can not take much longer to get really bright. From my place I had a wonderful view. But wait, something is not right. Moonlight! It was only 1.30 clock. So I turned around again and slept on for a long time. It had snowed all night and got colder. My wind sail was frozen stiff and snow and ice lay on the storm canopy. In the morning was a terrific light. I have taken a lot of pictures and on the way, on my trip more or less along the coast, often stopped to take pictures. The weather was extremely changeable; from sunshine to snowstorm everything was there. Today I searched and found a place before sunset. I stand spectacularly on a cliff top, about 40 meters above the sea. I cooked and posted a few pictures on the social networks.