Day 14, 24. January

The sound of the wind and the sea has a calming effect on me. I slept wonderfully and very long. In the morning I was busy with something, but it was just too windy to stay there longer. So on, beautiful landscapes and then this picturesque little bridge. In search of a good place to stop and also, not to have to run back too far, I have discovered this little path that led a little later parallel to the main road to the bridge. So turn and go. And of course photos, photos, photos. The road is too narrow to turn, driving long distances back is bleak, but what do I need road for? I can just sit in the grass and then turn. First try carefully, all right. But then suddenly it goes one floor lower. The meadow was not at all, but a swamp with a frozen surface. And I just broke in. O. k., No problem, differential lock and reduction pure. No way! Nothing works, I sit down after a few moments at the back with the floor pan and the wheels hang in the air or in the water. Crap! First rubber boots on and the position of aim. For such opportunities, I have a lot here. A rope, a hand winch, a special jack, shovel and a (but unfortunately only one) Auffahr sheet on the luggage rack. I can not get out of here so easily. There is no way to tie the rope anywhere, so hand winds fail. First unscrew the sheet. Something has to be under the wheels. There is nothing here except stones of unmanageable size in the river. Of course, to underpin something, you have to lift the whole load a bit. So jack out and screwed about a large A4 plastic board under it to increase the footprint. At the same moment a car stops. Ask if I need help, but does not wait for my answer, but sets back and comes down the dirt road along. The local policeman, as he casually remarks. He says he knows everyone here and he likes to call a farmer who comes with his tractor and pulls me out. This is an offer. He talks on the phone, says it can take an hour or two and drives away. O. k., Then I’m just trying to somehow uncover the trailer hitch or its attachment, so we get a rope to it. Swamp! With the Highlift I raised the rear a few inches, but the large jack plate is more than half a meter deep in the ground. Good that she is screwed tight, otherwise she would have been gone. I’ve heard the 300 hp tractor from the farmer from afar, I was just finished fixing the rope. The rest was a matter of minutes and the Landy was on his way again. It will be a lesson to me! I am exhausted and tired, the day did not start as I had imagined. I will go to the next campsite, I will cook something delicious and enjoy the already long-awaited shower. I did not pass any open campsite the whole day long. Then it’s not possible. But there is nothing here, really nothing, not even a pub where you could spend the night in the parking lot. Also no roads in any grove. Finally, I find a path that leads somewhere in the endless expanse of meadows. At one point, where the path gets a bit wider, I park for the night. A foggy foggy night.