Day 15, January 25

I am in the middle of nowhere. Really nothing – except a car wreck from the fifties. Take a few pictures. Sun, rain, storm gusts alternate almost every minute. It’s getting warmer, but a hot shower would be nice. A good moment to try out my shower design. Although there’s no cover here, I’m so far from anyone that you can do whatever you want without anyone watching you. And if it does, it does not matter. My prototype works amazingly well! Only, if I really take water from a small trickle, my filters have to get even better. So I have, standing on a rescue blanket (not to sink in the mud), hot shower! What a blessing.

My credit card is broken. Although all the important information is still legible, but the magnetic strip is gone. It simply lacks the upper left corner. Probably that happened sometime yesterday. After half an hour drive is a gas station. Refueling, ATM not. There is no bank in the village. Shit, I do not have any cash anymore. The farmer wanted to have some money yesterday for the towing action. It was my last. So again to the gas station. Again tried the ATM. It does not work. What to do? Somebody is refueling! I went and asked how he wants to pay. Cash! Very well, if it was okay, if I pay for him and he gives me the money (at the fuel terminal my card is still working). It’s not a trick, honestly, I only need a few pounds of cash. He agrees. Thank you! However, only ten pounds. Well, better than nothing. I continue towards south west; it goes over small roads in the mountains. There is a national park information, completely deserted (closed at this time of year), but nicely located above the road, overlooking another loch. I am still undecided, but ultimately stay there. Put on lentils with chorizo. I have not cooked for two days, just eaten some ready-made things. I am looking forward to it. It was worth it (I mean the cooking) – pretty tasty, with a good red wine. The storm is shaking me to sleep.