Day 16, January 26

Actually, it should already be bright outside. Strange! It seems very foggy and dark. A moment later, I realize why it is. Snow is lying on the windows or rather: sticks to it. Everything is white! Wonderful! I would like to stay, but I am on the way and the battery to supply my heater must be charged. I continues after one, no two coffee. The road is white, but after a few kilometers it turns into mud. It is pouring in torrents. The weather report spoke of 41 mm / square meter. That is much! I continue to the Isle of Skye. Just before the bridge that connects the island with the mainland, I stop. A small town with harbor, gas station, pub, fish & amp; Chips shop, very clean public toilets and showers and communal washing machine. Apart from the harbor and the washing machine, this is also roughly the order in which I used the services or will use them tomorrow morning. The beers were delicious, the fish and the chips too. However, the pub was pretty crazy, a table with locals in the corner, a few men at the bar, engrossed in football. Not so mine. But fast internet. I took the opportunity to download some movie from Amazon Prime. Stand at the edge of the harbor and wait for a peaceful, if stormy night and watch “The Lady in the Water”, my random selection. Funny, not so long ago I would have imagined something different on a stormy night.