Day 18, January 28

I once again had a strange nightmare – ultimately it was about coming late or not being back in time, an empty phone and no free taxis.

After lingering a long time, I drove back to the east coast, a morning walk in a small village and then on small roads to the north. I’ve done pretty spectacular shots, including with the drone. In the late afternoon, almost at the northernmost tip, I discovered a small path that leads up to a former radar station. Very exposed on a cliff. I have decided to stay overnight. In the meantime it has become very windy. The Landy wobbles and rocks quite nicely. There is gunfire from afar, at least I suppose that’s it. Something spooky here. Now it’s suddenly as if someone has turned off the wind, but also the stars are gone and it is pitch-dark. Well, let’s see how the night gets like that!