Day 19, January 29th

The night was relatively restless. Starry sky has alternated with a violent snowstorm. It is interesting to observe when the red wine spills in the glass. Overnight, I tried to load all the cameras. As a result, my second battery, which also handles the heating, went dead. It was an unexpectedly cold morning. Besides, it had snowed, not much, but it was enough to turn yesterday’s green into white. Not only that, but also the way down was snowy and much slipperier than yesterday. And the thick black cloud above the water did not bode well. So let’s go without being properly awake, without coffee, without another drone flight. Counterclockwise to the northern tip of the Isle of Skye, sun and snowfall alternate. I stop here and there for recordings, but eventually I drive on to Kyle of Lochalsh. There is a well-heated pub, a shower and a washing machine. It will be a service evening for me and my laundry. In the evening there is a pizza to take away and strange fries. The pizza shop should not sell the pizza by diameter, but by area, 6 “= x £ 8” = y £.