Day 22, February 1st

Almost until noon I stand in the parking lot in front of the pub and write logbook. Then it goes further south. Somehow I’m not in the mood for additional detours, but I drive through the Lake District. Great scenery, nice little places like Widermere and Ambleside, but also very touristy and just England, where there are pay machines even on forest parking lots. I continue to the western side of the Peak District. My map takes me to a pub where you can park when you eat something. A cuddly little place, I sit in the fireplace room by the fire and eat and drink well. It is amazing, for a pure pitch in a caravan park or on a campsite I would have paid more than me here a hearty dinner and a few beers cost. But I also realize: Through England, I do not want to drive much further now, but only possible through and home. I’m booking a ferry for the day after tomorrow, Sunday.