Day 23, 2 February

I’ve decided to get as close as possible to Dover. On the map I see again a pub, about 20 km south of Sevenoaks, which also offers its parking, provided you consume something. The weather has improved, but the melted snow freezes partially to large ice surfaces. This keeps you awake, especially on bends, so I do not want to arrive anywhere late after dark. There has been some major battle in this place. The pub is wonderful on a hilltop with a fantastic view, but unfortunately has closed. I keep looking and find a pub in a small picturesque village. Unfortunately, the one at the bar could not tell me if it o.k. is to eat and drink and then spend the night in the parking lot; the boss has to decide that. She will come in half an hour. Do I really have to wait so long to order a beer with a clear conscience? The girl behind the counter calls the boss and gets the go and I get a beer. The pub is still full during the evening, I eat and drink again and then sleep as well. Just for guidance, campsites may charge between £ 20 and up to £ 40 (!) per night. There is a parking space, toilet, a shower and maybe Internet. If I eat and drink in a pub it costs me anything between £ 20 and £ 30, parking space, toilet anyway, internet is mostly there too. If  you can do without a shower.

The evening in the pub was still pretty nice, I also met the owner, very active and nice and it seemed less like she was the boss but more someone in a group of friends.