Day 5, January 15

A shower! I took a shower. The water was not as hot as I would have liked, but it was fine. Continue on small roads, rough northeast direction. On the map I see that a small path leads around a hill very nicely. Since it’s already time for a coffee next, I follow this little path. You have to stop constantly to open and close any gates. Then I pass a small house with a blackboard attached to it that identifies it as a meeting place for the Quakers. I do not care about religion, but I know that a friend of mine is very involved with the Quakers. So I took a picture of the board and sent it to him by e-mail. I also wrote: “Probably it’s nothing special, but maybe you know it anyway?” The answer came 3 hours later: “Nothing special? I’ve been there a few times and a friend of mine lives nearby. You should visit her, she has German parents, but grew up in southern England and now has a small sheep farm nearby. “How small is the world actually? If I had not been a couple of miles further when I received the e-mail, I would have liked to have a chat with his girlfriend. It was already too late. It was a day full of magnificent landscapes and rolling hills. With a detour to a Space Observation Center and a nice lady escort by site redirects, which had visibly fun to have the big Land Rover in tow. A short stroll through Ludlow, within 100 meters of the marketplace, there are at least three butcheries. I’ve bought everything, including a wild duck. So roast duck is on the menu. It continues towards the north east, I realize that I’m back in England. The landscape is less open here. Hedges, walls, gates. I stay at a camping, which has little charm.