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This is the scrapbook.

Here is where random information goes. Most of them are little snippets of information, stories, quick fixes or references to additional scrapbook-style information – short notes that were helpful to me and might be useful to someone else. Of course, this is only meant as a suggestion, without any guarantee or assurance of function or feasibility. If you would like my professional, technical support, please contact me at

Die “Kladde”

Hier landen zufällige Informationen. Die meisten davon sind kleine Informationsschnipsel,Geschichten,  schnelle Lösungen oder Verweise auf zusätzliche Informationen im Sammelalbum-Stil – kurze Notizen, die für mich hilfreich waren und vielleicht auch für jemand anderen nützlich sein können. Natürlich ist das hier nur als Anregung zu verstehen, ohne jegliche Gewähr oder Zusicherung einer Funktion oder Machbarkeit. Wenn Sie meine professionelle, technische Unterstützung möchten, Kontaktieren Sie mich bitte über

Scotland day 8

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Scotland | 0 comments

Day 8, January 18

In the morning I took a lot of time. It was just too nice not to go for a walk and did not drive until eleven. Continue along the coast. Early on I wanted to find a good place to solve my duck problem. A few days ago, I could not resist a small butcher shop and bought a wild duck, which now has to hurry into a pot or pan. I have always driven to a place that seemed suitable to me – would even go to a campsite. All seats were nice, but it was either too forbidden, too windy or too busy. Finally, I found a nice place in the temporarily meaningless bridge. Bacon, onions and savoy roasted, a good shot of truffle oil and the duck stuffed with it. These seared on all sides, blotted with red wine and water. Everything with Orangestückchen folded and for 2 hours from the cooking. Delicious!