Day 8, January 18

In the morning I took a lot of time. It was just too nice not to go for a walk and did not drive until eleven. Continue along the coast. Early on I wanted to find a good place to solve my duck problem. A few days ago, I could not resist a small butcher shop and bought a wild duck, which now has to hurry into a pot or pan. I have always driven to a place that seemed suitable to me – would even go to a campsite. All seats were nice, but it was either too forbidden, too windy or too busy. Finally, I found a nice place in the temporarily meaningless bridge. Bacon, onions and savoy roasted, a good shot of truffle oil and the duck stuffed with it. These seared on all sides, blotted with red wine and water. Everything with Orangest├╝ckchen folded and for 2 hours from the cooking. Delicious!