I would like to meet the marketing strategist personally, who has managed to anchor the term “digitization” so comprehensively and at the same time meaningless in our consciousness.
This always reminds me of the episode from the little prince “Draw me a sheep!”. After all attempts to draw a reasonably acceptable sheep have failed, the protagonist of the story paints a simple box and solemnly hands it over to the little prince with the words “In this box is the most wonderful, beautiful and useful sheep you can find can imagine. “.
Et voila, now we come closer to the definition of the term “digitization”. A box full of dreams! Now all you have to do is define what is meant by this in your context.
It’s best to start with the question “Which (entrepreneurial) goal do I want to achieve?”. That would be a good start.
Definitely important in any case are clear definitions of terms and, of course, clear goals: the WHAT, not the HOW.