Day 4-5

It goes on to the south. Today I drove to Bude, with a long stopover in Ilfracombe, where a mighty statue of Damian Hirst decorates the harbor entrance. Whether it is nice to look a pregnant warrior in the stomach, I’ll leave it open. I drove around a bit in town, eaten tasteless fish and chips (actually only the fish was tasteless, the potatoes tasted like earth). At Hartland I came then a small road following a wild rugged coast. Imposing, as the waves break in and the light and the wind play with the spray. Only my cold gets worse rather than better. I drove even further to Bude, a small town with a few pubs and an Indian restaurant. Two days I stayed there at the campsite, with occasional trips to the village. The weather was a mix of drizzle and rain all the time. However, the wind has decreased a bit.